North Carolina Flooding

For some residents of North Carolina, severe flooding from Hurricane Florence came while they were still trying to recover from Hurricane Matthew, which struck in 2016.

Philippines’ Super Typhoon Aftermath

Residents of the Philippines say things aren’t as bad as once feared, after being hit by a super typhoon.

Overflowing Hog Lagoons Raise Environmental Concerns In North Carolina

Hog lagoons overflowed in the wake of Hurricane Florence, but it’s not the first time farmers have had to deal with this. These lagoons are used to collect pig waste, but what happens when they fail?

As West Grows, Water Use Declines Thanks To Better Toilets

Despite the growth of population in the western U.S., water use in cities such as Denver, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix is going down. The reason? High-tech, low-flow toilets.

Hurricane’s Aftermath Floods Hog Lagoons In North Carolina

Hog lagoons have overflowed in the wake of Florence. Mark Rice of North Carolina State tells NPR’s Scott Simon about why farmers use lagoons to collect pig waste, and what happens when they fail.

After A Wildfire Destroys Their Home, Family Struggles To Find ‘A New Normal’

After losing priceless belongings to the Tubbs Fire that swept through Northern California last year, a couple tries to move forward. “Everything will forever be different for us,” Cody Walker says.

Puerto Rico’s Tap Water Often Goes Untested, Raising Fears About Lead Contamination

People in Puerto Rico don’t trust the water supply, and with good reason. Local systems aren’t adequately tested for contaminants, including lead.

Footing The Bill For Climate Change: ‘By The End Of The Day, Someone Has To Pay’

As the risks of disasters grow, the insurance industry is adapting with them — and consumer advocates and others fear that the brunt of the bills will increasingly hit low-income homeowners.

Price Tag Of Natural Disasters Grows

After Florence, homeowners will rely on insurance to rebuild. But as climate change exacerbates natural disasters, there are questions over who will bear the brunt of bills in the future.

Assessing The Contamination Brought By Flooding

Aerial views of parts of North Carolina show whole buildings, including industrial livestock farms, inundated. Steve Inskeep talks with Kemp Burdette of Cape Fear River Watch.

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