Scientists Have ‘Hacked Photosynthesis’ In Search Of More Productive Crops

Scientists have re-engineered photosynthesis, a foundation of life on Earth, creating genetically modified plants that grow faster and bigger. They hope it leads to bigger harvests of food.

Pittsburgh Struggles For Clean Air As Nearby Town’s Pollution Worsens

The air is getting dirtier around the country’s largest coke fuel plant near Pittsburgh. But the push to clean up pollution is complicated when residents depend on the industry that’s causing it.

House Democrats Form New ‘Climate Crisis’ Committee

This past week Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi announced a new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. NPR’s Don Gonyea speaks with Rep. Kathy Castor who will head up the committee in the new Congress.

How Environmental Policies Fared In Trump’s Cross Hairs In 2018

NPR’s Debbie Elliott asks Bloomberg energy reporter Jennifer Dlouhy about the Trump administration’s moves to weaken environmental regulations this past year.

Safely Evacuating The Elderly In Any Emergency Takes Planning And Practice

After three hurricanes, a big snow storm and an ice storm, residents and staff of a retirement community in Charleston are starting to view evacuations as the reality of growing old on the coast.

Colorado Governor-Elect Pushes For 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Colorado’s incoming governor Jared Polis is among a number of state Democratic leaders pledging more action on climate as the Trump administration pulls back.

Examining The Link Between Climate And Weather

It was this year when scientists ratcheted up their warnings about the effects of a warming climate on weather. And the weather itself showed that scientists’ predictions are getting better.

There’s A Lot At Stake In The Weekly U.S. Drought Map

As drought has deepened across the West, much attention is paid to a colorful map that shows the hardest-hit areas. The scientists who update the map each week face enormous pressure to get it right.

How Houses Themselves Become Fuel For Wildfires

Wildfires destroyed thousands of homes across California this year. Fire scientists are discovering that most homes burn down from blowing embers, sometimes long after the the fire has passed.

The Secret Fishing Habits Of Northwoods’ Wolves

Researchers in northern Minnesota have discovered that wolves have a much more varied diet than previously thought. They hunt deer, but also eat fish, beaver and blueberries.

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